Life is a complex journey and was not designed to be travelled alone.
I love Jesus! It is my deepest desire to be who He created me to be and to live in a way that allows others to see Him through me. At the end of my life, I want to hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Do you want that too?
Clarity and Wisdom is a faith-based community where it’s okay to be imperfect while striving to be better and do better. Take the pressure off yourself. You don’t have to travel alone. We can guide you. We can support you. We can challenge you. We can be there with you.
We’re just starting, and my prayer is that Clarity and Wisdom provides valuable resources where you can learn to be who God created you to be and Love the Life You’ve Been Given.
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Key Focus Areas

Coaching Programs

Coaching is the art of guiding, encouraging, challenging, and supporting a person to achieve their goals. It’s not training. It’s coming alongside you and giving you the space and place to work through issues, push yourself forward and accomplish the change or breakthrough you seek.


Tools are individual resources that can assist you in learning, exploring new perspectives, developing new skills, or refining existing skills to support your journey to loving the life you’ve been given.

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